1. High Altitude Truck Expedition 2019
  2. Rheinmetall MAN High Altitude Truck Expedition
  3. High Altitude Truck World Record
  4. Russia Cold Pole TV Expedition II
  5. Iceland Extreme
  6. Motorbike Tour South America
  7. Cultural – Human Expedition
  8. Transcontinental Expedition
  9. High Altitude Expedition II
  10. Panamericana Expedition
  11. High Altitude Expedition I
  12. Russia Cold Pole Expedition
  13. VIP Product Launch GC


High Altitude Truck Expedition 2019

After the erection of 2 shelters in 2017 on the highest volcano in the world, the Ojos del Salado / Chile, we wanted to make a further contribution together with our partners to improve the safety of mountaineers.

The High Altitude Truck Expedition 2019 pursued several goals: The installation of emergency radio units in the 4 high camps of the Ojos del Salado used by mountaineers, scientific cooperation with the University of Atacama, vehicle altitude testing for further rescue and altitude operations, and improvement the high altitude record for trucks set in 2014.

The Extrem Events team on site succeeded to connect via solar-powered radio units the “Refugio Murray” (4,500m), “Refugio Apatechta” / “Camp Atacama” (5,300m), “Refugio Tejos” (5,850m) and “Refugio Amistad” (6,100m) . This created a possibility for direct communication between the high-altitude camps, which saves valuable time when requesting help in emergency situations.

Thanks to the best technology, a balanced center of gravity and brilliant tire technology, the Extrem Events Team also managed with two Unimog on Alliance A392 HD 24x20.5 tires to beat the high altitude record for trucks set in 2014 . And even more: With one of the Unimog´s and the Alliance tires, a new mark was set for the absolute high altitude record for all wheeled motorized vehicles, at 6,694m. No other vehicle in the world has driven higher than the Unimog U 5023 did on the Ojos del Salado, on December 13, 2019!


Rheinmetall MAN High Altitude Truck Expedition

Together with its partners the Extrem Events Team of 5 nations, was able to write history again with two Rheinmetall MAN special trucks in 2017. The previous self-set record mark should improved. And at the same time another special project was implemented: The erection of the two world's highest refuges on 5,300 meters and 6,100 meters in cooperation with Bauinnung München.


High Altitude Truck World Record

In the past, the Extrem Events Team has already set some records. Especially from the experience of the high altitude record drives in 2004 and 2007 combined with enthusiasm for off-road vehicles, the idea grew to set the first high altitude truck record. In fact, the Extrem Events Team went the Mercedes Benz Zetros 4x4 of the company FT-Design uphill to a hight of 6,675 m.a.s.l. on 05/Dec./2014. A double world record! Because never before has a truck been higher on earth, and never before has a diesel engine was running at such an high altitude.


Russia Cold Pole TV Expedition II

In January 2013, Extrem Events was engaged to safely guide two television teams from Germany to the coldest inhabited place in the world (Oymyakon / Russia) and back, during the so called Arctic winter. See a sequence of the films that were created during that successful expedition at almost -60° Celsius.


Iceland Extreme

'Adventure Iceland - Offroad' - discover the highlands of Iceland by offroad car! Cross rivers and beaches with Land Rovers ... pure off-road fun.


Motorbike Tour South America

Andes Mountains Tour 2013 - by BMW GS 1200 off-road from Chile to Argentina.


Cultural – Human Expedition

Under patronage of the German Ambassador to Chile, an international team of Chileans, Germans and Swiss set off on 26th Feb. 2011 for the worlds highest volcano, in order to effect a technical performance and to dedicate it.


Transcontinental Expedition

It is one of the biggest challenges since the invention of the automobile: to circumnavigate the world by following in the steps of migration of peoples - exclusively by car! After 1.5 years of preparation the Extrem Events Team ventured that plan to promote CO2 neutrality and the use of renewable energies.


High Altitude Expedition II

'6,646 Atacama Part 2' - It was the idea to improve the high altitude world record, which led the team of Extrem Events back to the location of the first record and hereby in an environment hostile to life. After the great success in 2005, the current project was planned with military precision for one full year and should bring the team to even higher heights.


Panamericana Expedition

To prove the suitability for daily use of biofuels, an Extrem Events team led by Matthias Jeschke drove the longest and most spectacular road in the world: the 25,000 km Panamericana. After one year of preparation, this ride from Alaska in the north to Tierra del Fuego in the south should be driven by the use of biofuel and in world record time of less than 16 days.

High alt

High Altitude Expedition I

It was a challenge for man and machinery: The first official high altitude world record by vehicle. In 2005, an Extrem Events team led by Matthias Jeschke accomplished the high altitude world record two times within eight weeks. With a Toyota Land Cruiser, the men finally reached an altitude of 6.358 m.a.s.l. on the chilenean Ojos del Salado – a height, which has never been reached in a wheeled vehicle by anyone else before! Guinness – World – Record. Accompany the team crossing thin air, deserted moonlike landscapes, passing iced sees, endless precipices and feel the stresses and strains until reaching the double record. A movie by Dirk Glaser.

cold pole

Russia Cold Pole Expedition

During the preparations for the Transcontinental Expedition, an Extrem Events team around Matthias Jeschke conducted a vehicle test in the coldest civilized region of the world – Oimjakon / Jakutsk / Russia. accompanied by reporters of the TV-Series “Galileo” by order of the TV broadcasting Pro 7. The team was faced beautiful areas which put deadly danger. A journey through areas with temperatures down to minus 60 degrees, unbelievable experiments and tests with astonishing results. A movie by Hendrik Pfefferkorn.


VIP Product Launch GC

Almost 700 VIP guest arrived from 24 countries, 40 Audi TT, action, power, perfection, stunts, logistic, special branding, organisation, sensation, best event. Exclusively carried out by Extrem Events – Matthias Jeschke e.K.