“The Paris/New York Transcontinental was a highly successful PR action, having created nearly 3.3 million Euros of PR Value for your organization and event sponsors. Moreover, the event produced a truly global buzz – generating coverage in 16 countries and more than 31 million media contacts worldwide. These are numbers both you and your team can certainly be proud of.”
Eric Ziller, Project Manager – PRIME research - F.A.Z.-Institut

" … the perfect organization by the Extrem Events team of Matthias was the reason for me as unskilled expedition team member to join the difficult stage of the expedition. We experienced everything, starting from unbelievable beauty to daylong snow storms, complete exhaustion and most extreme hardness in the Tundra – at every time, Matthias had the overview and the ideas to master the most difficult situations. In all aspects, I felt well supported and I will never forget that I became acquainted with my wonderful, adorable and lovely wife in Providenija, who accompanied me in my positive attitude since then. Being someone who participated in the expedition for over four months, I have not only made my dreams come true, but also became friend and companion with Matthias. Finally a word to all who feel the dream of adventure: Realizing instead of dreaming! Because these experiences will be with you for your whole life. From Extrem Events I received, what Matthias promised – an extreme expedition. Thanks a lot for everything."
Rudolf Dexl, Training supervisor for paver and mosaic builder
of the construction guild Munich

“...In the past I used to make my extensive travel experiences by myself. But in 2010 I became a part of the expedition team of Extrem Events in order to drive along a difficult section of the Transcontinental Expedition in eastern Russia. It proved to be a good idea to rely on the ideal network, the best references and the longtime experience of the Extrem Events-team, led by Matthias Jeschke, when performing such extreme and unique trips or visiting such places. During a very tough, six weeks lasting leg, I got to know and appreciate Matthias Jeschke as an expedition leader as well as a travel mate. His calmness during the most difficult situations is especially worth mentioning, just like his very own way to address people from different cultures friendly and cautiously.”
Wolfgang Weigl, master carpenter and expert

“We thank you for integrating Columbia into the Panamericana2006 project. It was an honour to have supported you with such an important project.”
Hernan Sanin, Vice-Secretary of Defence of Columbia

“… from A-Z everything was good! Nice, qualified employees, a great attendance during and after the tours. You can’t do it any better!!”
Joachim Beyer, CEO of Beyer Baustoffhandelsgesellschaft mbH/Mainz

“… it was a pleasure to successfully work with you. The project was very impressing…”
Eberhard Brockmann, Executive of the Service Economic Policy Collaboration, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

“We thank you for the representation of our country. It was and will always be a pleasure to support you with your projects.”
Maru Acevedo, Executive of the Institute of Tourism, Guatemala

„…Mr. Jeschke always takes exemplary care for his customers, is 100% reliable and really creative. I can only recommend Mr. Jeschke as a partner….“
Jörn Stövesand Product Manager 4x4/Light Truck of Goodyear GmbH & Co.KG/ Köln

"… it was a great pleasure for me as well as for the entire personnel of the Embassy to cooperate with you for the realization of this project. I am sure that I can also say that on behalf of all Costa Rican authorities …”
Dr. Bernd Niehaus, Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica, Berlin

“Whatever Matthias Jeschke got into his head he will achieve. With willpower, team spirit and a good preparation. Thank you for the collaboration and the great performance.”
Florian Laudan, Chief Product Management Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler Sales Organization Germany

“There is no better way to motivate your employees and to encourage the team spirit.”
Richard Beyer, CEO of Hagebaumarkt Mainz/Hechtsheim

“… it was a pleasure for us to support one of your world record drives... If you need our help again, we will be available anytime!”
Edgardo Suarez Mallagray, Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador

„Totally excited I was eager to meet the expedition team of and with Mattias Jeschke in Yakutsk in the end of January. There I felt home, already at the first moment; teamspirit and humour survived even worst snow storms and the open-minded atmosphere thrilled my motivation until the last day. There were some difficult moments to cover, for example if tiredness bothers you after 20 hours of continuous driving, if you felt lonely in a snow storm, if unexpected incidents defer the progress. Nevertheless, finally those of my impressions outbalance, which I expected and which made this journey unforgettable and unique for me.”
Kaspar Mettler

„The Extrem Events team organised the tour in a way that we were always very close or right in the middle of the action. Anyhow it was never an adventure with an unforeseeable danger - Matthias was always focussed on the well-being of the team. With an amazing calmness he found a solution for every situation, more than once he achieved the impossible and strengthened the team spirit. I am very thankful for the numerous contacts on the way and the many unique impressions during the expedition. Together we have crossed many borders, everyone has gotten to know its own individual limits. Determination and team spirit have always helped us on our way. It was a unique experience to be a part of the team of such an extraordinary and great project!"
Astrid Wallner, freelancing PR counsellor

“… just now I am becoming aware of the fact that nobody can measure what kind of a great work you accomplished. Thank you again for giving me and other drivers the opportunity to take part in this. I hope that you will keep on developing and performing these extraordinary and breath-taking projects…”
Johan Nietvelt, CEO of COMiSOL/Antwerp, Belgium

“Thank you for your project. We will always be at your command in Nicaragua. You can always rely on a team.”
Carolina Briones, Executive of the Institute of Tourism, Nicaragua

“A journey to the end of the world that led us to the limits of what is manageable and which made me realize that even the unthinkable is possible with courage, determination and teamwork.”
Dirk Glaser, Television Presenter and CEO of Ditho Movie and TV Productions GmbH/Bochum-Kiel

“Seldom had I experienced an organizer who paid so much attention to the safety and medical care of his participants.”
Hubertus Franz, accompanying physician of the High Altitude World Record Expedition 2007, leading physician in motorcycle sports, FIM-CMO

“… a fantastic achievement.”
Hans J. Scheidel, Managing Director Schenker International, S.A. de C.V.

"Matthias is not the typical adventurer. In fact he rather plans his events meticulously. What counts for him is straight-to-the-point project work. He is not going to back down easily. He is very assertive and never loses sight of his aims."
Markus Hauf, Pressesprecher Chrysler Deutschland

“… I arranged a lot of journeys and adventures in the most distinct regions of the world. They included interesting and adventurous tours. Some were so adventurous that you did not know how they would end. Matthias Jeschke’s event was different. The project was planned right from the beginning. The participants were chosen, trained and medically supervised. Technology, equipment and the possible route carefully selected and reviewed. And in the end performed as planned. It may sound unspectacular but it was a memorable experience for me anyway. Dieter Glöß”
Dieter Glöß, Managing Partner of two medium-sized businesses in the trade fair service sector

“… we would love to support you again, anytime…”
Karla Calidonio, Executive of the Honduran Institute of Tourism

“… an amazing experience to be a part of this adventure. For this man, nothing seems to be impossible…”
Hendrik Pfefferkorn, TV Journalist and Editor of the Panamericana2006 documentary/Munich

“…I have never visited such a successful and informative tire-appointment which also had a great fun factor. It wasn’t just my own personal impression but also the collective opinion of all my colleagues during our flight back…”
Thomas Grewe, Editor for Westfälischer Anzeiger

“Matthias Jeschke is a reliable and professional partner in every aspect.”
Carsten Bitzhenner, PR-Referee of Goodyear GmbH & Co. KG

“… on behalf of my customers I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the event. Your supervision worked excellently. The two events during the evening turned out perfectly as well…”
Andreas Mund, Sales Consultant for passenger cars Goodyear Germany

“… thank you very much for a wonderful journey – informative, eye-opening and with a lot of fun. The whole trip was first class – including the organization.”
Richy Barnett, Performance Turner Magazine

"Dear Mr. Jeschke,with a lot of enjoyment I have just watched the three Expedition-DVDs. On the one hand I am impressed by the attuned and well-prepared individual teams and on the other hand I was impressed by the always calm but very consistent management style you displayed. At this point of time I can already assure you my unlimited cooperation for further Paris / New York –Transcontinental 2009 arrangements. Considering that my employees are my primary factor of success and persuade with dedication, effort and expertise - this is only possible in an open business culture which is embossed by trust - I suppose that Tandem / hfu and Extrem Events accord with each other.”
Herbert Ullmann, CEO of Tandem Verlag GmbH

„Totally excited I was eager to meet the expedition team of and with Matthias Jeschke in Yakutsk in the end of January. There I felt home, already at the first moment; team spirit and humour survived even worst snow storms and the open-minded atmosphere thrilled my motivation until the last day. There were some difficult moments to overcome, for example if tiredness wore you out after 20 hours of continuous driving, if you felt lonely in a snow storm, if unexpected incidents prolong the progress. In the end, those impressions that made this journey unforgettable and unique for me, outweighed .[the difficult times]”
Kaspar Mettler

“…following our event for the launch of our new top model Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric, we would like to say thank you again in this way for your support and assistance. Everything worked perfectly, beginning with the concept of the event, to the prearrangements and its performance. An all-around successful event that met with approval of the participating journalists and salesmen, as well as in our company."
Matthias Gemeinder, Manager Fairs Events Goodyear Dunlop Europe

“The “Panamericana2006” was the greatest event project so far that the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef ∙ Bonn and its students supported both academically and organizationally. We are looking forward to collaborate with Matthias Jeschke and his team again.”
Markus Stühlen, Spokesman of the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef ∙ Bonn

“… even if Matthias Jeschke’s projects bring everybody far beyond one’s boundaries and there is nothing left that you can be sure of, you can still rely on one thing: Matthias Jeschke will be true to his word, no matter where we are on this planet. The Panamericana2006 and the High Altitude World Record 2007 showed us once again that making movies means teamwork and that Extrem Events with Matthias Jeschke is in a leading position…”
Benjamin Strobel and Oliver Korac, Cameramen from Munich for two expeditions

“It impressed me to see how Mr. Jeschke sets about such a risky and relatively incalculable project with a professionalism and certainty that carries over to all participants. Even in tricky situations all of us always thought “Matthias will straighten it out”. And that is how it was…”
Brita Matthiesen, Journalist of the Publishing Company Axel Springer

"… Matthias always accomplishes what he aims for himself. Would there be a higher summit, it would be his next goal ..."
Eckhart Müller, Redaktion 4Wheel Fun